There are three main families of Champagne producer :
1 - NEGOCIANTS (NM) : These houses own little vines and must buy most of their grapes at winegrowers  during harvest time to allow them to elaborate their own champagne (Moët, Pomery, etc...). 
2 - COOPERATIVES (CM) : groups of growers who develop their Champagne in common.
3 - RECOLTANTS MANIPULANTS (RM) We belong to this family..
 These are the winemakers who develop their Champagne only with their own vineyards. (it is forbidden for them to buy any grapes or wines)

(you can see RM, CM or NM letters down all labels of champagnes)


Our Estate is also adherent to the label:
"LES CHAMPAGNES DE VIGNERONS" , certified by the General Syndicate of Champagne winegrowers. (S.G.V.)
This label guarantees that the Champagne you are buying is produced by a wine grower. (not a Negociant)

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